"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: It's obviouse, isn't it? (NT)

cedrec wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

It has the advantage of direct, optical viewing.

It is the OVF who will show you "exactly what their lenses are capturing", not the EVF. The EVF will only show an approximation of what the final (heavily processed) result could look like.

Although that's true, I'd rather see "exactly what my camera is capturing" than what the lens is capturing. It's really nice having the exposure simulation that any EVF or LCD can provide. It takes a lot of guesswork out of all types of shooting, especially manual. OVFs can't do this.

That's the funny thing - you can't.

Is your EVF color calibrated? What's its DR, is it enough? Do you only shoot JPEG with no off-camera processing whatsoever?

And you have an exposure meter inside the camera... it's not exactly "guesswork"

I'm rather lukewarm to OVFs on DSLRs for manual focusing. Unless you replace the focusing screen, you typically can't use them for manual focusing. Even with a split-image focusing screen, they're still not as accurate of tools for manual focusing as a good EVF with focus peaking or image magnification.

With a good (reflex) OVF you can. Indeed, image magnification is better if you have the time.
I'm not sure about focus peaking, though.

The only advantage I personally see for OVFs is that they do not run down the battery. That's a pretty big advantage for a lot of people, but I'd also be curious as to how much more battery power is drained by the shutter + mirror lift actuation of a DSLR than the simple shutter actuation of a mirrorless camera. My eyes just aren't good enough to appreciate any difference between real life and the resolution of a modern EVF.

This is one advantage, yes. No power when composing, and very little for the actual exposure. Is there any EVF camera which can easily go past 1000 exposures on a single charge?

I have to change my glasses, but I also can't see a significant difference in resolution between a good EVF and an APS-C OVF. FF, though, it's another matter (medium format, even more so).

However, viewing static subjects with a static camera is one thing; put some motion and you'll see the difference.

Alex S

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