Gray Card and Photoshop Question

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Re: Gray Card and Photoshop Question

Chuck Westfall (Assistant Director/Technical Information Dept. at Canon USA) addressed grey cards/white cards, and CWB in this thread:


Mario Jesmanowicz wrote:

I just bought a gray card for my D-60.
This is how I use it. I shoot in auto white balance the gray card
and then use that as a custom white balance photo. And then shoot
the photos in that partical lighting

1) Is This Correct ?

I noticed one big thing, when I go to Photoshop the autolevel
almost does not change ANYTHING, as if the photos were perfect for
the levels but...

2) Isn't gray card used only for metering to get the right iso,
shutter and apature?

3) the guy in the photostore told me that for white balance he uses
plain white sheet. Is one supposed to use white sheet or the gray
card for white balance? (I do like the colors that are coming out
now,especially indoors, blues are a lot nicer (sharper would be the

Obviously in the film there was no way to use custom white balance
since there was no way to introduce cutom photo to the camera, so I
guess one would use the gray card only for metering correct ?

thanks for the help

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