Any comparison data between XZ-1 and Canon S90?

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Re: Any comparison data between XZ-1 and Canon S90?

Thank you very much for the data. I am not a pro otherwise i would obviously choose other equipment. I like to take photos and I like the S90 because it's small, it has a bright lens and because it works well for me. In changing I would like obviously something that is the same or better. It seems to me that the Olympus is potentially better in some respects and can take better photos. However I have read of the noise at higher ISO. I don't think that the S90 has particularly good images at 800 ISO for example but I know that some times without proper tripod etc. one has to use such. Any idea on how the noise levels compare in real life? I mean not in a controlled environment where everything is set up etc. but in real time let's say go out and walk around and start taking photos type of scenario?

The reason I am asking is that with proper environment control, tripod, lighting etc. one of course can handle weaknesses etc. But what about if you only have the camera? Would it be a problem to shoot low light high ISO or better yet, any idea if the two are comparable?

I am trying also to see how much each one is versatile compare to the others.

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