7D firmware not updating to 1.2.5

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Maximum number of updates

Steve7100 wrote:

I'm having trouble getting my 7D to update to firmware 1.2.5.
It is currently at 1.2.3 & the camera is working fine.
I've tried formatting 3 different CF cards in the camera and copying the
firmware update file to them (7D000125.FIR) but the camera will not update.

I get the yellow "file update error" message on the camera LCD. Fully charged
canon brand battery. I've done firmware updates many times for my 50D & 7D
this is the first time I've had an issue.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

Try using the EOS Utility firmware updater. This will usually fix the problem. Unless...

How many times have you updated it? You know Canon put a restriction on how many times you can change the firmware on the 7D. You didn't exceed that did you?

Quote: "Canon struck back at the 7D development of Magic Lantern by incorporating a firmware update counter and a maximum limit for updates in a legitimate firmware update for the 7D. The individual working on ML for the 7D encountered that maximum limit in the course of updating the 7D firmware to test out each new code change. Once that happened his camera was still functional but would accept no more updates, meaning he was essentially stuck on the last one and could not go back to the last official firmware version."


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