P880 goes out in the rain in Brunswick, Melbourne

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This is true, I was catching the second last train home the other...

...Saturday night and there were these titivated (for want to a better word) girls dressed more out than, tittering together as they tottered in their platforms off the train to go clubbing.

AnandaSim wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

...to go to other places which, by definition, are interesting where Melbourne is not!

Lots of them go to Bangkok -- probably the second most popular destination after Bali.

as a fellow denizen of Melbourne I look at Ananda's pictures and think the man is a miracle worker!

Thanks mate. Melbourne has a lot of charm and it is mostly safe - you see voluptuous and young girls in nearly no dress walking around alone by themselves to go home at midnight. Yes we do have crime in certain incidents but the ratio of crime to risk is very low.

And on Today Tonight tonight there is going to be a "special investigation" into how the police force is using powerful weapons to "reclaim our streets".

Bl--dy idiots -- both the "powerful weapons" carriers and Today Tonight .

For all that it is actually really pretty safe, you've done a very nice job of presenting it as an exotic location!

Cheers, geoff
Geoffrey Heard

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