E-PM1 vs. E-PL3 field experience?

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Re: E-PM1 vs. E-PL3 field experience?

Only you can answer this question, even though other experiences may help define your preferences, so I would recommend a visit to a local store to compare each in hand.

I use two Pens on a typical street shoot, which now are the E-P3 and the E-PM1, with the 25mm and 12mm attached respectively. I have never really needed a moveable screen and find the viewing angle adequate for overhead or lower held shots that I rarely use, YMMV. I use the E-PM1 most frequently with the 14mm attached, for restaurants, taverns, and as the camera that I always have with me due to its small size.

In my opinion the EPM1 is the bargain in the µ4/3 assortment of bodies right now, if you can find one for below $450 in American dollars.

I also bought the Panasonic VF-1 for an optical viewfinder for the PM1 with the 12mm attached. I use an optical viewfinder much more often than an articulated screen.

seba73 wrote:

Hello folks,

I am trying to figure out if the movable screen on the E-PL3 is worth the extra money in comparison to the E-PM1.

How do you guys get along with the E-PM1 in the field? do you all end up buying these attachable viewfinders anyway?

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