Moon Maid's sensor comparison (PART 2)

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Re: Plots updated


Thanks for your effort in analysing and presenting the results from the different sensors based on raw image analysis. I'd like to be cheeky enough to suggest two addional formats for presenting the data that may prove useful for non engineers loke me to more easily understand the results. I can see that most if not all of what I am suggesting below can already be derived from your graphs and the underlying data. it would just be great to see the information in alternative formats.


Why not show a graph of the sensor noise standardised to a given area (e.g. 100 square micro metre over the same EV and SNR ratios that you used now. This then gives a standardised area of a given print from the sensor, rage artless of the resolution. Effectively for a full fame shot viewed or printed at the same size, giving a comparison of noise. so this is about the sensor efficiency overall, regardless of resolution.

it would be great if on the same plot you could show a line as to what a "perfectly efficient sensor" would achieve.


It would be really useful to have an alternative way to easily visually compare both a sensors dynamic range and the key noise floor levels as the signal strength drops for a at different ISOs. For example imagine a stack bar graph for each sensor wih the higher showing the dynamic range, vertically positioned agains a EV scale.or similar. The each stack bar could be either shade based on the SNR for that light level, or segments into (say) bands of 5db SNR.

Each page could either show multiple sensors at the same camera ISO or the same sensor at different camera ISO settings.

it would be great if on the same plot you could show the matching stack bar for what what a "perfectly efficient sensor" would achieve at that ISO (say) 12, 14 and 16 bit raw files. This could be an excellent way of seeing the sensors dynamic range and noise performance in a way that is more familiar to other sensor dynamic range illustrations and also more informative that those,

Thanks in advance

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