So, I tried manual focus outside, ugh...

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Re: So, I tried manual focus outside, ugh...

Marla2008 wrote:

Bob Meyer wrote:

Does the GX1 let you magnify the center part of the image for focusing, like the GH2 and G2 do? If so, did you use that? It's very hard to focus only by eye on that small screen.

Yes it does, and I find it mightily NOT convenient. For me having to focus on a small, magnified part of the image, completely boggles my global view of the picture I'm trying to make, and is very counter productive... I'd rather just try to focus by eyesight on the whole picture, and live with the consequences (very poor keeper rate) lol.

I really hope Panasonic and Olympus start providing a focus peaking function. I find it so much more helpful for manually focusing, which I enjoy doing.

It's frustrating when there's a feature that shouldn't be too hard to implement (Panasonic already uses it in some of their video cameras), but instead they just say "Maybe sometime".

If I recall correctly Olympus had a reference to that type of feature a beta E-M5 firmware, so there may be hope for a future release. But they seem to tout the magnified option more, despite the reality that it isn't very easy to use when trying to snap shallow DOF pics of kids or animals or many other moving things.

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