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Re: Kit Lens Question

At least since I got a D70s in 2005, all the Nikon kit lenses have been sharp. All of them.

The least sharp of them has been the 18-200vr, which was the most expensive. Even it is sharp at closer focus distances and shorter focal lengths.

The 18-70 was sharp, though it benefited (as any lens would) from being used on a 6mp camera. It had a bit of vignetting wide open.

The 18-135 was very sharp, but it suffered from CA and a couple of other issues.

The 18-55vr is sharp, but built a bit cheap.

The 16-85vr seems as sharp as any of them, with fewer other tradeoffs.

The 18-105 is sharp, has some distortion.

Nikon puts good optics in all their lenses. There are tradeoffs for price in terms of build quality, focus speed, CA, distortion, etc, but every lens has compromises.

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