Need Help Understanding this Depth of Field Chart

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Re: Need Help Understanding this Depth of Field Chart/Focal Length

Randyflycaster wrote:

When I'm shooting with my XZ-1 - zooming in and out - how do I know what actual focal length I'm using?

You may have to estimate it.

Full wideangle is 6mm. Full telephoto is 24mm. About 'normal' is roughly 10mm.

There may be more guidance in the camera manual, or maybe some sort of on-screen display (I'm not familiar with that camera) - maybe ask in the Olympus Talk Forum.

The focal length will be stored in the EXIF which you can view when reviewing the images on a computer. But I don't think it's common to display this on the camera LCD (no idea why not, it would be easy to do, and useful).


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