How to rationalize a M9

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Re: How to rationalize a M9

zigorus wrote:

Gary CG wrote:

It's not a fashion item, it's not an investment, it's a tool, find the right tool for the job.

I pretty much agree with everything being said but may I add a point on the word tool that I see being increasingly used and especially when used in the context of "a camera is only a tool".

note that what i agreed with is the statement the camera is a tool , not that a camera is only a tool.

tools are very important to me. i was a mechanic for many years. a mechanic relies upon their tools. my working income comes from documenting software tools ... they are very complex and very important. a good camera is a tool, a highly nuanced tool.

while the camera is secondary to the photography that doesn't disparage its importance. it should be secondary to the photography, but it should also be an important piece of the exercise of photography.

on the other hand, i feel no need to take pride in owning my tools, any of them. they are the tools of my various trades. being proud to own things is an empty pride. being proud of the work they allow you to do is much more fulfilling.

a Leica is just a camera. an expensive camera, yes. but just a camera nonetheless. and it is a tool. not just a tool; a tool.


z, I wasn't criticizing you specifically, rather I was making a general comment applicable to all of the forums on dpr. it was just your post that made me think about it.

I agree that we shouldn't even have pride in purchased possessions, we can cherish them certainly but we should save the pride for the art we create with them, not them themselves.

It's always amusing when you read people on dpr referring to "glass" and "only a tool" (like the sage and weary old pros that they wish to APPEAR to be) and then you click their flickr link and look at all their incredibly BORING snapshots that any ten year old with an iphone could improve on.

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