Natural? Vivid? Etc for. XZ-1 how about DOF

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Re: Natural? Vivid? Etc for. XZ-1 how about DOF

I've just got my XZ-1 also, and am starting to play about with it. After 30 years of only using an SLR (Olympus, Pentax, K-M, Sony), this little gem is a revelation. OK, it has some downsides, mostly noise compared to the larger APS-C sensor, but a quick touch of the LR3's and that's fine.

I took all my shots so far in RAW, but now wil be trying out the jepg engine and see what settings I prefer. This thread should be very helpful, so thanks to the OP for starting it. It'll be great to know what people use, and of course why, please don't forget the why!

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