Canon 5D Mark III low light ISO samples on Dpreview

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Re: It looks very good.

They weren't able to do nearly as good as Sony did with either their 16 or 24mp sensors, or as good as Nikon did with their 12mp sensors. And this is what they're up against. I would be surprised if the 5DIII outperforms the new Nikons, or the D3s. I expect the 5DIII to be somewhere around the D700.

And the G1X isn't really impressive, it offers the same per area performance as the 18mp APS-C, but is a bit worse for the total image area due to the smaller sensor size. As DxO put it: "A great camera but no specific improvement of the Canon sensor"

martin brech wrote:

Canon was able to make a much better job regarding high iso when 7d came comparing to 50d, even increasing the pixel count. So they should be able to better the 5dII sensor as well, even more if the pixel density stay the same.

they also showed impressive results with the powershot G1X.

I would be surprised if in 4 years they doesnt better the cam

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