few tips and guidance for a beginner?

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Re: few tips and guidance for a beginner?

Here's some good flash info http://nikonclspracticalguide.blogspot.com/2008/01/nikon-flash-two-separate-metering.html

for indoors with your combo I suggest:

  • M mode on the camera

  • f2.8-f4 for individuals, f4 and smaller for groups. Too much dof is better than not enough, though smaller apertures will require more power from the flash.

  • ISO 400-800

  • 1/125s watch for blur from the ambient light; you can go slower if the ambient light is very low.

Set your exposure to balance the ambient light with the flash lighting your subject, whatever combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO you use, the flash will adjust to give you the "correct" subject exposure though sometimes you may have to dial in a bit of flash EC.

Depending on whether there is a ceiling and walls that you can use to bounce the flash off, you might find a small softbox or Lightsphere useful http://www.lumiquest.com/store/products/LumiQuest-SoftBox.html

You want to balance your flash and ambient light if you can. Dragging the shutter can also be a useful technique, especially when people are dancing. http://neilvn.com/tangents/flash-photography-techniques/3-dragging-the-shutter/

I suggest practicing your focusing/framing in low light, you'll probably want to use the focus assist from the flash which means shooting in af-s mode. This can be quite a challenge in a very dark room.

700 reasonable quality photos is quite a few photos to produce in that type of situation though it will also depend on how many people are at the party. The first Christmas party I did, I produced ~250 and that seemed like a lot.

Good luck and have fun

M5s wrote:

Remeber me?
I once posted that I'm looking for a good DSLR.
Well I'm delighted to say that I am a proud owner of:
a D7000
and 50 1.8D and sevral other litle items.
welll , I love it , it's fast and responsive. it's a fantastic litle thing!

But there are a few thing I need to know:

The Mup Mode , I konow it's mirror lock up , but what does it actually do?
Someone told me that I can take servral secnes in one shot with it.
how do i do that?

ANd much more importantly:
Next week , i've been chosen to be a photographer on a costume party .
Now I'm the only one there and it's my first time doing such a thing.

The location is a bar.

it's dark ,and full of people want to take a picture, a DJ ,and maybe a local band.

I'm a fraid to scrw up. I am expected with at least 700 good shots.
I really need some tips and guidance for this , i am worried.
help me please?

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