G1X - 24 hours of Snapshots - It's a 'keeper'! (PICS)

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G1X - 24 hours of Snapshots - It's a 'keeper'! (PICS)
  • Exceptions for a few extra photos in a thread are usually made (Phil was always okay with this) if they related to a newly released camera and no attempt to spam was made by the poster. I've picked out some favorites from today and have uploaded them to allow for EXIF capture and have posted them here in the one thread to avoid starting more than one.


G1X - So far, a little slow shot-to-shot but worth owning.

I buy cameras only after researching them carefully first. Whilst I'm always looking at other people's observations, I make my own mind up and... in rare circumstances... I'll buy a camera that I feel can do a decent job before the verdict is in.

Below are some pictures which I took with the Canon G1X between work, home and a day out today when the sun came out for a few hours. I'm going to keep the G1X rather than sell it after testing because I don't have another compact that takes a picture as well as this camera.

EXIF information is missing from the shots I took yesterday. I've since refined the method I used to save my images that retains EXIF data and you'll see it appears on the pictures taken today. I have decided to keep the G1X as I am now quite satisfied with the performance and abilities of this camera.


  • Great Picture Quality !

  • Great Dynamic Range !

  • Fairly Fully Featured !

  • Small Package ! (same really as the G11/G12)


  • Poor Macro compared to other Compacts* (but similar to a DSLR)

  • You need to activate Macro when needed* (it doesn't "kick in" when required)

  • Slow Performance compared to a DSLR* (same as a G-Series Camera)

  • Dangling Lens Cap* (looks lame when you're walking about and it hangs)

I like the camera but it took me about four days to get used to the fact that although it looked just like my G11, it was a very different camera altogether. I was able to take shots that did not draw attention to myself, however... Rena's larger 60D DSLR got us thrown out of the pet store for taking shots there on the way home (I've been taking pics there for 10 years without incident until today). So you can see why a smaller camera can serve a purpose.

I took several shots in sunlight with my favorite other camera, the s95 and was thoroughly disappointed with the shots when I compared them to the G1X images from the day.

One of Rena's cameras *
Taken with a Speedlite 580EX II.

Neon signage at Harry's Cafe De Wheels

Glimpse of the G1X in my rear vision mirror

A 35,000 volt Museum Grade Plasma Ball arcing to my hand.

Rena grabbing a snack on the way home last night.

My cat, Quorra.
Taken with a Speedlite 580EX II.

Quorra normally sleeps on Rena's chair when it's free.
Taken with a Speedlite 580EX II.

Random shot at home from behind a fiber optic lamp

Midday view from some nearby apartments

Transmission Tower for the local Telecom

Flood waters attracted residents and visitors to the bridge here ... I was only talking to a man just three days ago - who was just swept to his death today in the rising flood waters. Worst rain in 100 years!

Kids playing on an anchor at the Historic town of Windsor

Rena getting some shots of the town with her camera

A Circular Polarizer enhances the fleeting blue skies prior to more rain

Rena stops to pet someones dogs

Pedestrians and their pet

Large Yellow Motorcycle

Rena shooting through the window of a Thai Restaurant

Reflections on Rena's sunglasses

Whilst waiting for lunch, Rena reviews some of her photographs

Spring Rolls!

Rena showing me a photograph she took

Water Bottle

B&W with some noise/banding

Sepia Tone test

Lunch arrives

Nice Chrome!

Liquid Amber Seed Pod

Pet Store Cat

Pet Store Parrot 1

Pet Store Parrot 2

Horse Tail Grass

Random Restaurant

Dino Sculpture

G1X by an S95

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