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Greater Video Focal-Length with Active Steady-Shot on HX200V

The specs show that with active steady-shot, you get a 30mm to 1,250mm range in 16:9 HD mode, compared with 29mm to 870mm on the HX100V model. There's no mention of any quality limitations that might go along with this. It apparently refers to the new 3-way active image stabilization that includes control on rotational movement.

Perhaps the greater magnification effect is because they're allowing the video image to be drawn from all the way out to the edges of the sensor, instead of restricting it to a smaller, inner sector. In terms of magnification from the zero-X point of 50mm, this is an increase from 17.4X on the HX100V to 25X on the HX200V, or an increase of almost 44%.

For sporting events, I can't imagine any situation where this wouldn't be enough video focal-length and I would have little reason to rig up a lens adaptor for a telextender, as I have on the HX1 and the HX100V. One of the after-market adaptors that snaps onto the lens itself could hold a hood with either bayonet or screw-on mounting. I wouldn't have to disable the zoom/focus ring on the housing or block the flash from functioning with a big adaptor like I've mounted on my HX100V. Photo below.

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