Xpro1 vs OMD will Fuji be close in AF in any way?

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Re: APS-C vs m4/3

theswede wrote:

They original poster said that many users don't need APS-C not that they couldn't get better results.

Which makes the rather elitist assumption that the unwashed masses don't need better results.

I feel like you are just being argumentative right now. Someone taking pictures to post on the web has less need for the lowest noise profile then someone printing large photos. People taking shots of friends for facebook generally don't care as much about sharpness and resolution as wedding photographers. That's just common sense to me. A professional photographer needs/wants better results then 99% of the amateurs taking pictures. Many people buying P&S cameras are perfectly happy with the results they are getting, and thats why they don't buy DSLRs. Some people who buy DSLRs leave them on Auto and then go back to P&S when they don't get results that they can see are better. Do you disagree with any of these statements?

The point is that all of those people are getting results that are good enough for their use.

Except they don't. They post the pictures because it is what they have, not because they are what they wanted to achieve.

This is your opinion, but what do you base this on? Flickr gets 10,000 pictures a day from iPhone users. Do you really think those people are uploading that many pictures that they aren't happy with? I can't get my wife to carry a camera because she says the pictures she gets from her iPhone are good enough. After all, they look great on the phone and on her computer screen. She doesn't want more because she doesn't need more.

They don't need APS-C.

By that standard they don't need cameras at all. People have made do for thousands of years without cameras, after all.

You've got the smiley face here, but I am not sure what your joke is. They don't need APS-C because they couldn't tell the difference. They probably could tell the difference between P&S and nothing.

Plus, you could just as easily go the other way. There is nothing magical about APS-C. Perhaps no one should buy less then FF or even medium format since anything less is a compromise in IQ. Perhaps its just as elitist to assume that some people don't need medium format cameras.

If it isn't elitist to assume the FF is good enough for some people, and it isn't elitist to assume the APS-C is good enough for some people, why are you so quick to get angry at the idea that some people don't even need APS-C.

If all of those people post crappy camera phone sots to flickr went out and purchased APS-C DSLRs, most would get better results, but many wouldn't care.

Because the unwashed masses can't tell the difference between good and bad photos.

"Bad Photos" is your opinion. If the people taking the pictures are happy with the shots they are getting, then they are "good photos" as far as they are concerned. If they weren't happy, they wouldn't keep taking and uploading them in such large numbers.

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