Transportation for the 21st cenrury

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Transportation for the 21st cenrury

With oil to hit $200. / barrel by 2020 and well over $7. / gal. at the pump
the AEV and hybrids will take 50% of the passenger car market and rapidly take
most all of it thereafter. The hybrid, with natural gas and hydrogen fuel will
play a large part but for city commuting the AEV will be king.

AEVs require charging but with more rapid charging stations, increased miles
per charge and with ever improving battery tec the near future is in EVs.
The cries of "pollution is just shifted from the tailpipe to the smokestack" is
simply ridiculous. Here's some numbers taking all production and transport
costs into consideration--

  • Average cost petrol car= 40 kWh / 100 miles of travel.

  • Average cost electric car= 30 kWh / 100 miles of travel. (recharging off the grid)

This not even considering the far higher efficiency of electric motors.
requiring much less maintenance, longer life and quiet running. The
'infernal' combustion engine has thousands of parts flying up and down to
produce rotary motion with 0 torque at start up. Very archaic. Amazing
that it has come as far as it has.

Recharging is not restricted to the grid. Small solar farms provide totally
emission free charging. Charging off the grid is presently the main means
but overnight charging is relatively cheap. Some major areas get pollution
free hydro. Solar and wind generation feeding the grid during peak load
periods is certainly a plus even though not a full time player.

Hydrogen fuel cells are coming along but the wheels must turn with electric
motors. That is what they are very good at. As on-board hydrogen fuel
generation comes into use it could be a winner in the long term but until
then the battery EV and hybrids will take a huge bite out of the
hydrocarbon based transportation system and none too soon.

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