Choice of Camera.....5D3 OR 5D2

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Re: Choice of Camera.....5D3 OR 5D2

If you consider the cost of memory it helps mitigate the higher cost of the M3.

I have a large collection of SDHC cards with my 60D. My upgrade will be to the M3 because of the dual card slots and a couple of other reasons. SD cards are close to half the price of CF cards. Also dual card slots offer security if shooting critical events such as weddings. One failed card at a wedding and you will wish you had a backup.

I purchased the 60D with no consideration of using it for video. Now that I own it I find that I use it for video a lot. The M3 looks like a better video camera. 30 minutes of video is a heck of a lot better than 12 minutes on the M2. Also the available (91 MBS?) bit rates on the M3 seems like a significant improvement over the M2 and the Nikon D800.

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