Moon Maid's sensor comparison (PART 2)

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Re: Is that normalized or engineering? Re: Update on D4

rhlpetrus wrote:

I guess this is engineering DR, right? Normalized to DxO Mark 8MP res, one gets 1/2EV more, or 13.3EV, if I got that right. Not bad for a Nikon design sensor.

Yes, it's engineering DR.

Is that in line with the better shadow SNR that you and Bill have found? What makes for the better results in that dept re D3s? QE seems a spec that is not directly related to either DR or SNR, as the Sony designs show lower QE and still better DR and SNR than C/N designs.

QE establishes the top end of the SNR curve (more generally, it's important wherever shot noise dominates).

If someone is showing a camera with lower QE as having better highlight SNR at high ISO settings, they've done their calculations incorrectly (or the camera is applying NR to the RAW data). At low ISO, it's possible that different levels of pattern noise could confuse the result.

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