Insane pricing... Canons new attitude

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Re: Your math is completely wrong

ultimitsu wrote:

M-L wrote:

In any case, if AF points and FPS are the only things you look at,

but they are not the only thing we look at, it happend to be the only thing stood out between D800 and 5d3.

then D700, which can do 8fps and has 51AF points, must be a super bargain compared to 5D II !!

if only it had some sort of video and 22 mp plus 5d3's low light performance.

You can't have it both ways. You mentioned the MP and Video when talking about D700 Vs 5DII but avoid it when D800 is brought into the disccusion. it is because of people like you, Canon/Nikon can keep on charging insane prices, because no matter what their fanboys will try to justify it !

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