Nikon uses video shot with a Canon camera in their D800 promo

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Re: Nikon uses video shot with a Canon camera in their D800 promo

Actually now that I think about this incident - it brings up a rather disturbing memory of video on the D90. I watched the promotional videos of D90 footage (supposedly) which looked amazing. I was so excited - and bought the D90.

It turned out that the D90 video was NOTHING like the promotional videos. D90 video was actually pretty crappy and incredibly disappointing. There were compression artifacts even on a tripod (not even panning). I found that only if you took organic nature video and made sure only part of the scene was in focus then it sort of looked ok. I even resorted to running 3rd party final cut pro scripts that took out the 'stair stepping' effect, which helped a tad too. Resizing the result down to iPhone size also helped.

I felt conned by Nikon but let it slide because I was learning a lot - plus the D90 was an excellent stills camera.

And I'm sure that this time around, video on the D800 is the real deal...

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