Case or No Case for X100?

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Re: Cases are basically fastion accessories

Couldn’t disagree more with millsart. Of course you don’t see 5D’s hung around someone’s neck in a leather case. What would be the point? But for the X10 and the X100, a full leather case is the ideal way to keep the camera on you at all times, at the ready, and yet protect it from:

a) The weather, as you can keep it under your coat;

b) Banging around and hitting things, unless you hit those things with your own body, which is unlikely.

They are also perfect for protecting the lens from dirt, while not constantly risking losing the lense cover. Since they cover both front and back, the LCD is also protected.

I had never had a leather case, or anything of its nature, in my life, even though I remember throwing away my dad’s when he died! Silly me. Now, I can’t think of a more useful accessory for those two cameras.

That said, their sizes and weight, and, more importantly, the fact that they have fixed lenses, make them the ideal candidates for a leather case. It’ll be interesting to see what Fuji comes up with for the X-Pro1.

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