EX1 new firmware?

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Re: EX1 new firmware?

swhs wrote:

brianj wrote:

There is a small clue to the mystery here:

That's what I said 2 weeks ago in this thread...

Thanks guys.

So they changed some hardware AND they changed the firmware update procedure (or rather the form the firmware is in).

I can see why they did the latter: it makes it more difficult for a end user to mess up the update than getting four file in the right place (with the correct versions).

But their ability to communicate with us is lacking. This is the sort of thing that should be in the release notes not on a hover message on a web site.

The TL500/EX1 has been an interesting experience for me: decent hardware with good optics with a middling UI designed by engineers that aren't photographers. There are so many little tweaks that you see in similar Canon, Nikon, Ricoh and Olympus cameras that would make the nice hardware much more usable for the enthusiast. The current design is more for the OrdinaryUserâ„¢

That combined with poor communication with the end user means I won't be buying a Samsung camera again in the near future until they really get their act together.

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