Brief test w/ NEX-5N 1.01 firmware update

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Re: Brief test w/ NEX-5N 1.01 firmware update

soupnazi81 wrote:

I just upgraded mine to 1.01. Before the firmware upgrade I did a test with the 18-55mm by focusing on specific things around the room. Autofocus was definately hunting back and forth slower, and taking longer to acquire focus. With 1.01 the hunting is no longer there and autofocus confirmation occurs in half the amount of time. Same speedy improvement when the AF assist light turns on. Not a night and day difference compared to a DSLR but a 50% faster focus is nice.

My results are identical to his video. There was no trickery done here. It's an actual improvement in autofocus speed.

Did some more testing outdoors in bright overcast weather. I was riding in a car with the window open and was able to shoot objects on the side of the road with the car in motion. (I wasn't driving) With version 1.00 this wouldn't be possible since it would take too long to focus and the object would have already passed before focus could even lock. Autofocus is much snappier with the 18-55mm.

Walking about and shooting things on the street is also much more instant. Before I had be very deliberate when shooting on the streets to wait for focus to lock. Now, I can do more run and gun type shooting. The camera used to be unacceptable for street photography but now it's decent. A nice improvement.

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