Ultra-Achromatic-Takumar 85mm f/4.5

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Re: Ultra-Achromatic-Takumar 85mm f/4.5

Jim King wrote:

Ahh, Peter, you are always ahead and I'll never catch up...

Seriosly, congratulations on your acquisition of this unique Pentax lens, and thanks for sharing a photo with us. May we have some more, please? I'd also welcome some additional background on its history, and how it was used when it first came on the market.

Do Canon and Nikon have anything similar?

Here's a link to the manual for this lens: http://www.macrolenses.de/bilder/test/UA_Tak_OpManual.pdf

Jim, I am not really ahead but sometimes I have more luck...

I'm very happy with this one though because of its worn shape. I will certainly use it more than a minty one...

The lens will be on my K-5 for the coming weeks (spring is around the corner!) so I will definitely post more samples. At the moment I have nothing more than a few test samples to see how it performs in difficult conditions.

It does not have "bokeh-CA":

Marco Cavina has some excellently written articles on this lens (albeit in Italian):



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