Aesop's fable and the D800

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James C. Murray Senior Member • Posts: 2,043
Re: Asap's rationalizations

mogthecat wrote:

I have to agree that it comes down to glass. I can't see anything in Nikon's line up that matches the 17-40, 24-105 and 70-200 F4s either for price or quality. I'm happy with my 5D2 as I was with my 5D, so any upgrade for me is likely to be to the 5D3, but not for some time yet.

I agree, and for one of my interests, birds, you can add the 400/f5.6 and the 100-400 zoom. Once you go past these in reach, the costs are in another league for both brands and I can't find an equivalent for the prime.

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