What's wrong with 5D II autofocus?

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Depends what you shoot...

I shoot both aviation and wedding work.

The 5D2 is my wedding camera, my 50D remained my aviation camera. The 50D hits focus every time and has the higher framerate so it's perfect for aviation. The 5D2, if you use the center spot, has decent focus though servo mode leaves a lot to be desired, so I don't use it.

For wedding work, the 50D focuses just fine in low-light (in fact, it's better than my partner's 1D4), but has poor ISO capability. The 5D2, I've only been able to make miss once in 4 months of using it. People complain about the outer points being useless: it's just not true if you use it correctly. If you're shooting wide open and are careful not to want to put 4 men in black suits in front of a black wall, you'll never have a problem.

Having said all that, I do have one major gripe with the 5D2's focus system: the points are too close together. I don't care about only having 9 points (I only ever use 3 of them anyway), but the spread is so narrow that you find yourself having to focus/recompose anyway in many situations.

Interpret that as you will. My nutshell version is: People who complain about the 5D2's AF are asking too much of it. If you're using it in a situation where you have such low contrast that it's a problem, then you're not using the right camera to begin with.


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