Aesop's fable and the D800

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Re: I think you're somewhat incorrect

Jack A. Zucker wrote:

Replace the word "people" in your post with "pros" and you'll be correct.

Enthusiasts will either not upgrade at the $3.5k price or will jump ship. Many enthusiasts have a $2500 camera and a $500 28-300 zoom lens and take most of their photos of their child scooting around in the walker. They don't know or care about anything other than the "quantity" specs. How many megapixels, how many focusing points, iso range, that sort of thing.

They also make up the largest segment of the market in the prosumer camera range (D800/5D).

IMO, even the knowledgeable enthusiasts will likely not upgrade, (Myself included). I'm not disappointed in the camera. I would love to upgrade from my MK II but at $3500 I just cannot justify the expense since it is not my livelihood.

I think the pricing is a big mistake on canon's part. It's not about quality. It's not about better dynamic range and it's not about canon making the decision to prefer IQ over megapixel wars. It's simply a matter of cost.

I suspect the majority of folks will feel the same.

If the price was a big mistake, well the price is the easiest spec to change -- time will tell.

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