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2:1 and more


I was wondering how to get 2:1 and more.

I have read the following threads:


Now I've read a few tricks:

a) putting a close up filter on a dedicated macro lens (which I think gives only 1.5:1)
b) reversing a prime lens directly on the body
c) adding extension tubes before a reversed prime lens
d) reversing a prime onto another lens

In this regard, ebay is always a friend.

What I am after are:
1) least complicated set-up and cheap one at that

2) high magnification (and adjustable magnification for that matter, higher and higher)
3) possibly, possibly longer working distance

4) not too thin DOF so I can get a good single shot (no, I don't want to stack, not yet anyway)
5) possibly no loss of light or minimal loss of light

Why am I after these?

Well look at the pictures in this forum, great, great photos. Amazing, simply amazing.

Detailed shots of a head of bee; or a head of a dragonfly; head of a mantis; an ant for crying out loud. Outstanding shots, really.

I am assuming that these shots were not cropped and were taken at high magnification (am I correct?)

Anyway, I would love to take beautiful shots like this and where to ask better than this forum?

Any advise?

Flat view
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