Aesop's fable and the D800

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Re: Aesop's fable and the D800

NikonScavenger wrote:

Someone just beginning to invest in a camera and lens system will wonder why the Mark III costs MORE than the D800, which looks much better on paper.

I'm not sure most buyers who can contemplate the purchase of a camera for around this price are going to let $500 be the decider.

Given that the body is simply part of a system many other factors are going to come into play like the lenses (which focal lengths, quality and how much), service back up (not the same world wide), availability (not the same world wide), and other parts of the system.

On your basis someone purchasing a car would always buy the one that was best on paper and / or the cheapest. Now some people do buy cars like that but car enthusiasts are more motivated by more intangible things like handling and brand. I'd suggest that most buyers of expensive DSLRs are more like car enthusiasts than purchasers of white goods.

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