Dark foreground, light background

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Re: Dark foreground, light background

midimid wrote:

Is there any way to do this with a single RAW?

So I import my favorite RAW into Photoshop, click auto, save as a JPG.
Import the same RAW, click default, save as a second JPG.

Import once more, click default, but use fill light to white out the background, but add light to the foreground and save as a third JPG.

When I pull this into HDR Pro in Photoshop, it warns me about reusing RAWs and the image is way overexposed.

Is there any way around this using a single RAW?

Even with raw I think you'll have difficulty not blowing out the background or adding noise in the foreground. The scene is begging for more light in the foreground. Look into a cheap slave flash that you can use in manual mode, and experiment with varying power levels.


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