How large is view in VF-2 compared to APS-C and FF?

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Re: How large is view in VF-2 compared to APS-C and FF?

Great and realistic comparison.
People forgot how good the finders were back in the day.

These FF and FX finders at 0,7x are shameful in comparison. And you get such a huge camera! a real step back. And PDAF... Located in the center of the frame it is laughable IMO.
Canikon sure took the easy way out for years... Just now they are 100%.
Good thing these mirror boxes are dying pretty fast.

0,85x EVF and on sensor PDAF (if you "must" have it) are the next improvements that will mean something to us.
IQ is already there for 99,9% situations and uses.
Rick Halle wrote:

" Keep in mind that tall buildings sway back and forth so they require faster shutter speeds."

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