Canon have got it right with 5d3... from ex-Canon user

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Re: don't believe the 2 stops hype and it might even have worse DR than D800

Digital Click wrote:

I think it is pretty obvious what daddyg meant - you have no idea how to answer tactfully but feel it ok to be offensive - some sort of superiority complex on knowledge I think going on here - if I don;t understand anything, I rather be told and learn rather than be told I don;t know what i am talking about- just plain simple courtesy.

i and many others find it hard to grasp certain things (personally have a slight learning difficulty) - really admire people who help others in these posts and have sent out private emails to 'clever' people int he past to explain certain things in an easy manner was was so grateful for their replies.

If you did not mean to be offensive, then sorry but maybe be more tactful in future - others may not fully understand what you do.


aman74 wrote:

You quoted me yet wrote nothing that has anything to do with what I said...

I don't find it obvious at all. I was quoted yet nothing said related to what I wrote. I'm sorry you found my post offensive, I don't believe it was in any way. What I do find offensive is people stating falsehoods as truth and passing it along for others to believe and then perpetuate. So tell me again who's the bad guy here?

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