"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: It's obviouse, isn't it? (NT)

Doug Bale wrote:

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

Those who want to shoot a more traditional camera as well as those shooting longer lenses will want the SLR. For those who shoot on the wider end, game on. I am lookinng forward to having a serious camera that is not attached to my face.

Length of lens is irrelevant The issue is whether the reflex design is the best way of letting photographers see exactly what their lenses are capturing, and clearly it no longer is. It's indisputably superior to even the best parallax-corrected tunnel viewfinder, but it has no advantage whatever over a good electronic one, which has the added advantages of allowing cameras to be lighter, more compact and less expensive.

It has the advantage of direct, optical viewing.

It is the OVF who will show you "exactly what their lenses are capturing", not the EVF. The EVF will only show an approximation of what the final (heavily processed) result could look like.

This holds as true with telephoto lenses as with short ones. It also holds true regardless of how you prefer to hold your camera; the electronic viewfinder is basically a miniature duplicate of the LCD screen — what you see is what you get, whether you're seeing it with the viewfinder up to your face, looking downward at an articulated waist-level screen, or holding the device out at arm's length.

Yes, that's its main advantage as well as its downfall - it's a miniature TV.

However, you don't "see what you get". The colors are off. The brightness is wrong. Not enough DR. Impossible to show the shutter speed effect on the final exposure. Viewfinder lag.

Silence is the final and not least important reason for the growing shift to mirrorless cameras (and it is a growing shift, despite the large numbers of SLRs still being sold; the market for mirrorless, until recently nonexistent, is now substantial). Only this week, I was at a classical concert through most of which the entire audience was distracted by the constant slap-clack of an SLR in the hands of a hick who thought he needed a thousand exposures to be sure of getting a single useful one.

In such occasions, a quiet DSLR is a bliss.

I understand the clinging to the reflex mirror by those who have invested largely in it, or by newcomers who imagine that big cameras look more 'professional'; I belong to a generation that only doubtingly gave up the Speed Graphic for the twin-lens Rollei. But even the die-hards will eventually perceive the obvious.

"Clinging"? It's about using what's best for us.

Alex S

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