Anyone into Martial Arts?

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Re: Anyone into Martial Arts?

Bluephotons wrote:

I used to practice Kempo Karate-do during my teen years, of course you think your "flavor" is the best one, we used to joke about John Ree and Bruce Lee,

they seemed to be "funny", specially after been big Tae Kwon-do followers first,

I don't think Bruce Lee was a Tae kwon do follower. His background was Wing Tsun.

Lee pulled "Jet Kune-do" out of his a$$ and changed the belts colors meaning;

That's how new stlyes are created.

OTOH "us" came directly from the south of China where the Shaolin temple monks originated and migrated to Okinawa in Japan.

Shaolin Temple is not in the South. Southern sytles of chinese martial arts are claimed to have influenced Okinawan martial arts, though.

I also used to be attend Kendo tournaments, Iaido and Samurai demos etc, and had very good Japanese friends. I think that sport Karate (the tournament and competition aspect) degraded the mystic, the discipline and cheapen the meaning of the whole thing in America. I think it was a good experience for me, but if I have my say my grandson will rather attend Aikido or Judo classes instead and will be better able to defend himself. IMHO

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