5DIII vs d800 portrait details.... oh boy =/

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Difficult comparison.

I look at the eyes in every portrait I take. Some are sharp some aren't. It is usually my fault. One thing that is obvious is that the heads are different sized here. The difference is actually significant. Measure on your screen from the tip of the head to the chin, and then do the same for the other. Nikon is 10-20% larger. In my experience this has made a big difference using the same camera. Like people have already said too, the lighting is controlled better for the Nikon photo, and the aperture used was much smaller. I prefer the 5D MKIII photo, but that is my style. I don't like the ring light look, especially the catch light. The D800 is going to be a great Studio Camera. The 5D MKIII is going to be a incredible event/wedding camera. The comparisons will be endless here. what both sides should realize is that they are both amazing, and because one is better at some thing, it doesn't mean that the other is bad at that.


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