I keep reading that EOS DSLR's produce soft images...

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Re: What is sharpness to you?

WilbaW wrote:

You don't have to shoot raw with a DSLR and spend hours getting each shot right on the computer. You can choose to fiddle with the camera settings to get each shot right in the field, including sharpening, which can be set all the way from soft to ouch. But, most of us find sooner or later that it's much easier to postpone the fiddling so that we can attend to the important stuff with the camera - subject, composition, lighting, and timing.

Yes - because when you shoot JPG and try to get the settings correct in advance, you may or may not get what you hoped for. But when you shoot RAW and post process, you can get everything just the way you want it - not based on pre-set settings but on seeing the image on your screen as you make the adjustments.

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