Canon D5100 or NEX5n?

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Re: Nikon D5100 or NEX5n?

Chris De Schepper wrote:

what would do it for me is that the sony nex5 has no viewfinder, though there is an optional one I suppose to put on the flash shoe. I still don't like electronic viewfinders and without a viewfinder it is no fun to photograph in bright light, that's the main thing for me. The sony might be a bit lighter and more compact, but you still cannot put it in your pocket.The D5100 is light and compact enough to carry without suffering. That viewfinder would influence my decision a lot.

Yes, I have considered the Sony in the past but soon discarded the idea of buying one because it has no viefinder and the unbalance lens/body form factor. The EVF costs $350 the last time I looked. Apparently it attaches to a port on top of the camera, there is no hot-shoe.

DezM~, who posts here occasionally, recently added the Sony to his Nikon DSLR (D300S I think). His photographs with the Sony are very impressive.

Dez has posted a lot of photographs with the Sony NEX5N on the Sony NEX Forum, for example:

I have a D700 and a D5100 and it is very useful to have the D5100 as a second camera to be able to share lenses and a flash. So I would recommend the D5100.



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