Which Spyder4 choice?

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Re: Which Spyder4 choice?

Robert Schoner wrote:


I'm currently evaluating a Spyder4 Pro. Where do you find the patches to set the white luminance?

For me it recommends the white luminance based on the ambient light sensor; about 200 for the room in daylight and 120 for the room with a ceiling light at night. Also it recommends 6500K for daylight and 5800K for night.

However, my monitor (a Viewsonic 2025wm) can't get to the bright settings; about 110 is the best it can do. Maybe it's getting old.

I have been trying to find ways around these recommendations since I believe I want the brightness to about 90 otherwise the "Prints too dark" syndrome appears. If I dial down the brightness to where the Spyder measures 90 it will go and finish the calibration with luminance at 90; so there is some control. But I have not found any patches or black-to-white scale within the Spyder4 Pro software to evaluate the effect of this setting on my monitor.

I'm away from home til tonight so the numbers above are from memory and may be off a bit.

Bob Schoner

then dim your work area...it is the other solution. i am using the spyder 3 elite with version 4.02 of software which gives you much more options.

that said i use rgb and after reading your thread i would tell you read the pdf manual as sometimes it isn't easy to move rgb sliders and also get luminance change you want. many monitors just can't get there.

i am sure you know always reset to factory defaults before starting. and as the manual says moving the one furthest out from center is the rgb color to work with. i always move my settings to the left so i can see what i am adjusting. also one needs to wait a short time while it settles down to get proper reading. then i go to next one and over 8,000 hours on one of my monitors shows i have hardly moved much at all. now i started with i1Display2 at first and got horrid results with the wide gamut monitor i use.

looking at graphs over time there has been very little change in rgb numbers. i shoot for 5800 and use the "expert console" and at times i use wizard after setting and always do full recal. never go above 120 although after reading "dry creeks work on LL site" i still got terrible results at 140-150....way too high.

i do use ambient light setting but just to keep an idea on where i am in relationship to wear i setup at...more for working my RAW files. after using the i1Display2 for close to a year and switching to spyder 3 elite it was like night and day. just that much different and better.

I can only suggest to read and reread the pdf manual along with help files and the many videos on the web site as i found them all very helpful. and datacolor has some great support something i found lacking from xrite.

either way you'll get it just remember the RGB adjustments need a slight amount of time after each adjustment before going on to next one and you may have to go back at times. once you get the numbers you will see they don't vary all that much 90 on an LCD is awfully low.

don't know much about your monitor but they may be where the issue lies.

there are 2 or 3 fellows here on forum that are well versed in this and can be helpful. other than a few adjustments and welcome upgrades i would still use spyder3 elite setup instructions

good luck you'll get it... or you may find time to invest in a better monitor....

edit: after doing a quick google i see this is a monitor used by mostly gamers... or at least most reviews are from gamers which is a whole nother scenario than photography

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