Canon DPP RAW tab highlight & shadow sliders

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Jeff Greenberg
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Re: Canon DPP RAW tab highlight & shadow sliders

Thanks for detailed info. Will take time for me to digest.
As a stock shooter, my priority is finding processing shortcuts,
especially single actions that can be applied to large batches.
They may not be best action for some images, but a good compromise.

In the RAW tab if you slide the bright limiter bar to the left and there are no

bright 'white' areas of the picture you will get in the output what should be lower
than maximum luminance an amplification of those middle luminance areas
making it looked overexposed so be careful.

RAW tab bright limiter = RAW tab lightness slider?

I just slid it to left (=0) for all (2285) SoAm images I am now processing because

I noticed it brings out details in near-white areas. But your caveat is that it will
also make mid-range between white & black look overexposed? Can I correct
as needed in 16bit-TIFs with Photoshop CS1 Burn tool?

Note: my processing skills are limited, I no nothing about Curves or Layers
(its a matter of avoiding learning curves over the years!)

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