5DIII vs d800 portrait details.... oh boy =/

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Re: 5DIII vs d800 portrait details.... oh boy =/

Sure we are complaining. That is what we like to do. Seriously this is just sloppy marketing by Canon. With the millions of dollars they have invested on this product just how hard can it be to provide good quality samples.

NRG wrote:

Wait... Are you seriously complaining about the 5DIII's sample? Ok, sure it's not as detailed as the D800's (we are talking about a 14MP difference here - which while some people think that's negligible, I think is still quite a steep difference). But in no way is the 5DIII's image bad or anything.

I don't think it's honestly fair to compare the two from purely a resolution standpoint. Both cameras are going to rock for their own reasons. I think that for 22MP, the 5DIII is going to be stunning in its own right (even has me tempted as a Nikonian to wait a while [for price drop reasons] and get the 5DIII as a second camera to my D800 for purposes other than high resolution studio/landscape photography).

It's clear that Canon is making a statement here. They are not in it for the mega pixel glory, but rather for better ISO and overall image quality for all non super high resolution needs.

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