5DIII vs d800 portrait details.... oh boy =/

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Re: 5DIII vs d800 portrait details.... oh boy =/

Not a fair comparison. The Nikon D800 sample looks better because of the studio lighting, make-up, greater depth of field etc... The 5DIII is capable of very similar results. The Canon samples are terrible.

BTW. I'm a Nikon shooter.

trale wrote:

Let me preface this by stating that I am a Canon shooter (7D) and I am really rooting for the 5DIII since that's what I want to upgrade to. But I just can't help salivating at the D800's sample images and disappointing in seeing how Canon's own sample images stack up.

I'm comparing two portrait images specifically, which were taken at a similar distance away (both heads occupy the same amount of area in the image).

1st here's Canon's sample:


And here's Nikon's sample:

The difference in detail is mindblowing. I'm looking at the skin texture of models.

And for good measure, here's another similar Canon sample:

Did Canon goof in their samples? Am I missing something? I know this is still early and definitive conclusions cannot be made until we have official reviews of both cameras and can do direct image comparisons, but this is at least worrying.

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