Moon Maid's sensor comparison (PART 2)

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Re: Low-ISO tradeoff?

Marianne Oelund wrote:

perhort wrote:

Does this optimization involve a trade-off so that slightly better performance at the high iso end is bought at the price of slightly worse performance at the low iso end?

Compare D3 and D3s, where a similar optimization was made. The D3s still matches the D3 at low ISO.

So far, D800 low-ISO read noise looks to be on track to match the D7000, within about 10%, while high-ISO read noise has been significantly improved.

However, is there an opportunity cost to high iso improvement? If Nikon intends to compete with MF cameras for the studio fashion market, then why should they be content with having the D800 equal the D7000 in the low-iso department? Or is the current Exmor technology at a peak with regard to low-iso, so improving high-iso is the only way forward?

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