A conversation with a naysayer

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A conversation with a naysayer

I have returned to DPR after a long time. I am glad to see that the naysayers haven't left. These forums would be so boring without them.

Canon: I give you 6 fps
Naysayer: Who cares? I only shoot still life.
Canon: I give you 61 point AF system
Naysayer: I only focus manually.
Canon: I give you 100% viewfinder coverage
Naysayer: Big deal! With current technology it should be 120%.
Canon: I give you better ISO performance. Look at the DPR examples.
Naysayer: That was a rubbish test. I want to see RAW files.
Canon: Okay, RAW files coming soon.
Naysayer: I want to see each pixel magnified 500 times.
Canon: Okay, will do.
Naysayer: Studio tests mean nothing, they better be real life images.
Canon: I give you better color fidelity.
Naysayer: I only shoot black and white.
Canon: I give you much improved and accurate metering system.
Naysayer: You should have done it before.
Canon: I give you better weather sealing.
Naysayer: I only shoot indoors.

Canon: We carefully listened to your feedback, paid attention to the smallest detail, and even moved the DOF preview button to the right.
Naysayer: I am left handed.
Canon: Okay I give you everything you want. Are you happy now?

Naysayer: Not really. I need a 50 MP camera for 100 dollars, cheaper would be better.

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