DPR says the new Lytro is a dissapointment

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Sean Clark Regular Member • Posts: 108
Re: DPR says the new Lytro is a dissapointment

There are enormously complex programs dedicated to creating a 3D representation of object using only a 2D picture. While existing programs are able to produce amazing results given the difficulty of the task, the are imperfect. Making them better is a a daunting task.

A light field camera can provide depth information in the image, as it isn't capturing a strictly 2D image. I bet a lightfield camera could improve 3D mapping.

As a consumer application, imagine Google street view showing a 3D world instead of mapped 2D VR projections. It would seamlessly be 'just better', which is very cool for new tech.

I'd look for this tech to show up in places where the extra image information makes a tangible difference.

I'm also curios about whether the lensing techniques could be applied to display manufacturing. You'd have a no-glasses 3D display.

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