For those that got burned with X10, get Nikon P300/P310

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Re: For those that got burned with X10, get Nikon P300/P310

arrakis99 wrote:

gogo2 wrote:

Nikon P300/P310 look like X10 and its way better than X10. Fast startup. Perfect exposure. High speed AF. That's what you get from real honest camera manufacturer.

Are you joking isn't it ? I own both: X10 is way better than Nikon P300 ... in many ways. P300 is a small sensor P&S with so-so IQ... my X10 is many classes above.

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Giulio Acerbi
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I have a P300, check out my set on Flickr. I think the P300 is underrated as a high end compact. A couple of three have been printed to a3 size with very good results.

Main problem i i have with the X10 is the price vs performance. My first 100 or so pics included some high reflection shots of some shattered glass and i found out about the "orb" issue from these. Its a shame because the X10 is an absolute joy to use, but seems to have some sensor issues.

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