Olympus Comments On Nokia 808 Pureview "utter rubbish"

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Re: Olympus Comments On Nokia 808 Pureview "utter rubbish"

Yes processing that is directed via an old phone OS that has undergone some serious work on Nokia's part to give it the means to compete with Android and iOS.

Anyone dissing Symbian Belle really should try using a device with it as its operating system as it is a huge improvement over previous implementations of Symbian.

Such a pity Nokia's strategy was taken of the rails by Microsoft and a board that was to short term focused to hold out for the fruit of the developments that was happening within Nokia regarding Symbian, Meego and QT as the bridge between the two platforms.

I still think Nokia has a chance with this strategy if only they can eject Elop with the MS division of Nokia and get back to what they were doing before.

Nokia Phones have good cameras built in them and take remarkably decent pics for what they are and they certainly cross into the compact market for cameras. If you can take decent images on a phone camera, why bother lugging around another device that is not much better. Olympus would be wise to realise this and reduce their investment in compact and focus on m4/3 and 4/3 doing what Olympus does best, giving us a decent imaging system with great lenses.

I have printed commercial material with some great shots taken from a Nokia N9 with no worries about image quality for the A4 print size that was required. With this tech Nokia is producing (the 41Mp), it allows for a fixed lens and decent digital zoom. Something that will give this phone some versatility and maintain decent zoomed image quality over other digital zoom devices. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. Kudos to Nokia for pushing the edge and using the Mp as a means to an end for their device even if the media can't get their little brains around it and miss lead the consumer on the nature of the chip and it's designed use for the 41Mp.

As for Android devices, it will be interesting to see how the newer versions now being released in phone hardware compare to Symbian Belle but last time I checked, Android needed some serious under the hood optimisation cause it was laggy as hell and not very responsive to use as an OS. Still, I like the idea of the Samsung Galaxy Note as a phone/tab device.

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