Do you like to have a reason for go shooting?.

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Re: Do you like to have a reason for go shooting?.

OK Sarmatian. I have visited other forums like sony talk and canon talk at dpreview and I saw posts divulging challenges and mini challenges. So I decided to divulge pixelpeep there and here. I supposed I could find here Nikon users that like to have a topic to go shooting, and like to join photographic challenges. I noticed I was wrong because nobody is interesting in joining Pixelpeep. So I quit, I just come back here to thank you because of your answer.

sarmatian wrote:

I don't think that any real Nikon user is in rush to balance the numbers reflected in a net forum against other brand names.

If you ask me I respect Nikon because even they have a smaller profit range compared to "others" they still do their company business since so many years. That's different than "why I choose Nikon" because it contains tech details.

For me the tech reason is its lenses. But for others it can change and that's extremely normal. I'm relatively a new Nikon user but I can say that I am interested more in photography than other brand name issues or popular comparisons. One example: easy pict transfer issues. It takes 2 mins to fix a transmission cable to load your photos. Could it make a difference if you use a compatible bluetooth procedure? For me, not.

And despite my comments for a previous post, this topic "definitely" is not for Nikon Talk forum. Because no trace of a Nikon in it.


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