Moon Maid's sensor comparison (PART 2)

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Re: Low-ISO tradeoff? Marianne

Hi Marianne, first of all thank you very much for all your efforts to show us everytime all technical features and measurements of new cams and their sensors.
You have wrote in a post the following, see below.

If it's not to much work for you, could you please update and show us the new data in these several graphs as you usual you post, only for the new D4 cam. From ISO 50/100 up to the high ISO.

I've checked for ISO 100-200 so far, and read noise is coming in a bit lower than expected at 2.2ADU. This gives the D4 a DR of 12.8 stops in this ISO range.

3. FWC and QE

FWC is looking a little lower than I had expected, at 115000e- for ISO 100 and 58000e- for ISO 200. However, the corresponding adjustment to the SNR curves is only 1/3 dB, i.e., practically insignificant.

The reduced number for FWC does mean that QE is also lower than expected. Factored against 57% for the D3s, it's about 54-55%.

I'll have a look at images for higher ISO settings this weekend, and if it looks worthwhile, I will update the SNR curves.

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Gitzo GT3541LS tripod with Markins M20, Gitzo GM3551 monopod with RRS MH-01 head

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